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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a stock of ready investment properties?

No, investment properties differ from client to client. Once we have built a profile for our client, we will then search for and select specific investment properties which suit their profile. Many factors can differ from person to person, therefore our selections and recommendations are bespoke to individual clients.

Can my investment be completely "hands off"?

Yes, if you wish for us to deal with all the aspects involved within purchasing, renovating (if required) and managing your investment property, we will be more than happy to do so.

What information is provided for recommended investment properties?

Once a property or properties have been selected, a overview report will be produced for each investment property. The overview report will include:

    • Current open market value.
    • Achievable purchase value.
    • Predicted refurbishment costs (if applicable).
    • Achievable rental value.
    • Predicted buildings insurance cost.
    • Management cost.
    • Predicted annual maintenance costs.
    • Service charges (if applicable).

By providing all of the above information, we can display a completely transparent overview of the investment and show what the true NET % yield of the investment property will be.

Do you offer investment properties with guaranteed returns?

No. Over 2 decades of experience has shown us that investment properties which are sold with guaranteed returns are often sold at inflated prices or have hidden subsidised charges which once guaranteed periods expire force the property to achieve much lower yields. This then makes the property very unattractive for re-sale purposes.

However, with our full management service we can offer the option to implement rent guarantee insurance which will cover any rent not paid by a current tenant. This is available at an additional cost.

Can you help me to obtain solicitors for my purchase?

Yes, we have access to a panel of specialist solicitors who can handle all transactions with ease and efficiency.

They will insure your purchase runs smoothly.

I have found a potential investment property myself, will you assess it and give me your overview?

Yes, any investments you find personally. We will happily complete our usual due diligence and provide our overview report.

I live in a different country, can I still invest?

Yes, there may be some additional eligibility checks to be completed but you can still invest.

Our complete service will allow you to invest without needing to visit the UK.

We provide weekly updates for each project/purchase in a form of your choosing. We can provide updates in the following ways:

    • Email updates.
    • Phone/WhatsApp/Skype updates.
    • PDF reports with text and photographs.

Or any other way you prefer which is accessible to us.

How much money do I need to invest?

Investment levels can be of your choosing but we would recommend you have a minimum of £20,000 in available funds. This will cover a deposit for a mortgage, legal and transactional fees.

Do you offer Buy-To-Let mortgages?

Calidad Property do not personally offer mortgage facilities, however we have access to multiple excellent brokers who are sure to be able to assist you in finding the right product for your purchase.

How do you find the investment properties?

We have many resources for locating investment properties which include, long standing relationships with estate agents, private marketing, auctions and connections with local authorities just to name a few.