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Due to the number of clients we are currently committed to working with, we have adjusted our available services and fees.

Please see below our new range of property investment services and fees we can offer to support your property investment journey with security and safety.

Our selection of services below are designed to assist on your property investment journey no matter what stage you are at. The services below can be mixed and matched as much as you like to suit your needs

Investment Location Consultation (£100)

On any property investment journey, identifying the location for your investment is paramount. During this consultation we will discuss a variety of factors which will contribute to the decision of where you invest in Liverpool. Budget and desired outcomes are two of the major factors which will determine where you focus your energy on searching for your investment. Liverpool is a very diverse city and local knowledge is a must for any considered investment. This will be conducted at a time to suit both parties by phone or zoom for a maximum of 1 hour.

Investment Property Desktop Search (£300)

This time saving service will provide you with 5 potential on market investment opportunities. The 5 provided investment properties will be presented with supporting information and be hand selected to suit your specific requirements. This allows us to complete the time consuming search work on your behalf by utilising our access to algorithmic based software and extensive local knowledge.

Investment Property Viewing & Assessment (£150 per property)

This essential service is a must for any local, non-local or distance investor. Will will personally attend a property of your choosing and provide a transparent overview, including but not limited to: property condition, refurbishment requirements, estimated refurbishment costs, location and area overview, prospective tenant type, potential gross and net yields, any planned regeneration, any planned employment developments, suggested offer price and any other relevant information to allow you to make a clear, concise and well informed investment decision. Additionally this service is essential for your offer to be taken seriously, many agents now will not accept any offers unless the property has been viewed. We will confirm with the agent that we are viewing on your behalf to ensure this requirement has been met and you are at the front of the queue. Sound investments sell VERY quickly (discounts apply for multiple bookings in the same day).

Investment Property Refurbishment Management (10% of works cost)

Managing the refurbishment of any property can be a time consuming and overwhelming task. The refurbishment of an investment property needs to be a well oiled machine which provides high standards of work coupled with an efficient delivery time. Using our established teams of contractors, we will efficiently manage any renovations and refurbishments on your behalf, providing regular updates. This allows our clients to continue with their busy lives and be confident their investment is on track and produced to a good standard.

Deal Assessment (£100)

Many deals are presented across the world from various sources and companies. If you have a deal which has been presented to you or a property you have found and the numbers may seem a little to good to be true. We will break down the numbers into realistic proportions and evaluate all the applicable costs. This will give you a unbiased perspective and opinion, giving you the confidence to proceed or walk away. With access to the latest algorithmic based software and unparalleled local knowledge, we are perfectly positioned to support you.

Property Management (12%+VAT, £150 new tenant fee)

Quality property management is an essential part of property investing. Due to the ever changing legislation, rules and requirements, first class property management is a must for any serious investor. We have almost 2 decades of property management experience so you can be confident your investment and tenant are looked after with the highest regard. During 2020, Calidad Property will be joining forces with Apropos by DJ Alexander. This joining of forces has been a well considered move and will prove to be a positive move for investors, tenants and the Private Rented Sector. This all inclusive service with market leading rates will prove a valuable addition to the wellbeing and care of your investment. Our commitment to an ongoing service is testament to our confidence in our advice. We want to stay with you on your journey and remain 100% accountable.

Empty Property Checks (£50 per property)

If you have a property which has been sat empty for a period of time and you are unable to attend on a regular basis to ensure the safety and security, we will happily attend and photograph the property. Whilst in attendance we will ensure doors and windows are locked and no theft or vandalism has occurred in your absence. A must have service for any distance investors.

Refurbishment/Development Consultation (£150)

Our refurbishment/development consultation is perfect for any investors who want to maximise the value of any prospective refurbishment or development. During the consultation we will draw on almost two decades of construction, refurbishment and development experience offering suggestions and possible solutions which will add value and in most cases, save unnecessary expense. This consultation can be done both on site and remotely using floor plans and search engine maps. The duration is for a maximum of 1 hour.